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Selection of nominations for the Overton Prize

The International Society for Computational Biology annually awards the Overton Prize for outstanding accomplishments to a young scientist in the early to mid stage of his or her career who has already made a significant contribution to the field of computational biology either through research, education, service, or a combination of the three. Nominations for the 2012 award will be accepted beginning in October 2011.
The Bioinformatics Italian Society intends to nominate Italian researchers to the ISCB Overton Prize and to this aim it launches a selection of candidatures in occasion of its 8th Annual Meeting BITS 2011.
Candidatures must be presented by at least two BITS Senior Members (Soci Ordinari) with regular membership status and with a different affiliation from the candidate. The eligibility criteria of the Overton Prize, as presented in the ISCB web site, apply. Moreover, the candidate must be Italian and BITS member (or presenting a request to become member).
In order to present a candidature, the candidate must:
  • submit an abstract by May 15th, to the BITS Steering Committee by email to direttivo@bioinformatics.it that reports the most recent and important achievements and activities of the candidate in the bioinformatics domain.
  • send a message to the BITS Steering Committee by email to direttivo@bioinformatics.it including a short CV of the candidate (max three pages) together with the following information: graduation dates, major career steps and the date of the last degree, awards, entitlements, major accomplishments, 10 relevant publications, the name of the supporting BITS members.
The BITS Steering Committee will evaluate all candidatures and it will select a maximum of three candidates who will be invited to present a Keynote lecture at BITS 2011. All BITS members will be asked to express their preferred candidate, among those presenting the lecture, during the BITS General Assembly.
The BITS Steering Committee will finally re-evaluate candidatures at the light of the lectures given at the meeting and of the preferences expressed by the members and it will take a final decision of nominating one or more of the candidates to the ISCB Overton Prize for 2012.