Logo Università di Pisa BITS Annual Meeting 2011 - June 20-22, Pisa, Italy Istituto di Informatica e Telematica, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Pisa
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We considere as student everyone that is not enrolled in a formal cycle of studies, but does not have yet a structured position in accademia, reseach institutions, or industry. In particular are considered as students those with a research fellowship (assegnisti, borsisti or cococo).

Early registration fee (up to May 24th, 2011):
  • Student: 120
  • Academic: 200
  • Industry: 300
Late registration fee (from May 25tf, 2011):
  • Student: 150
  • Academic: 250
  • Industry: 350
On-site registration fee:
  • Student: 200
  • Academic: 300
  • Industry: 400
Social Dinner and Guided Tour to the Certosa di Calci (if paid with Early/Late Registration)
  • All categories: 35
  • Accompanying people: 55 (required pre-booking by emailing to the conference contact email address - quota collected on-site)
Social Dinner and Guided Tour to the Certosa di Calci (if paid with On-site Registration)
  • All categories: 55

A reduction of 30 is applied to all registration fees for BITS members with regular membership status (annual fee paid). Members are warmly invited to renew their memberships BEFORE registering to the conference THROUGH the proper Intranet BITS Annual Rate item.

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